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Honchoshi Plagal Form



Cloudy Rhythms


Inhale the Grass


The Cleansing of Salt Water


The Extinct Remain


Whispers to the Universe


A Chromatic Event (Electronic Mix)


A Chromatic Event


Schizophrenic Escape


Water and Coffee






Thunder in the Sun


Gateway Dream






Walk Away, My Love


Experiments Fighting


War Tooth




Ring of Guitar




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An independent, instrumental composer, guitarist and producer, CrazyJ36s original music is made to excite and please all casual music lovers by using the artists' music theory knowledge, inspiring musical keys, and familiar loudness and tempos' to create the unique sound of 'New Age Rock'.

CrazyJ36s real name is Thomas James Kennedy, born 1989 in Tampa, Florida United States. Still residing Central Florida, he believes that the active rainforests, ocean, and space that surrounds him actually tell what should be written in songs.

A self-taught musician, CrazyJ36 had been creating music since his childhood, and decoded what music theory is by himself using just one musical keyboard. Always looking to bring notes and rhythms together in the most efficient, exciting way possible, he feels that once chords are written, only one possible melody can bring the sound to it's highest level.

In his personal time, besides creating short songs and on Instagram, he practices A mix between Tai-Chi and Shamanism as A way to cope with Schizophrenia. He chose to release music so that he could speak while battling his disability.

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